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PS Labour Addresses Kenyan Labour Abroad Head On


Sep 12, 2023

The labour committee met today to address challenges facing kenyanworkers abroad.This comes amidst alot of complaints that have come from workers abroad.

The commitee admits that the sector was neglected for a long time hence all the issues that the employment ministry is facing.

According to the PS,”Saudi Arabia is our third largest employer and we are want to send other professionals as well besides domestic workers.We also want to send nurses due to the aging population.”

He added,”We are planning to start a kitty and a fund to cater for the need of migrant workers.It is a very good idea and I urge Kenyans to read the bill and embrace it.”

There has been rising cases in the country of migrant workers being mistreated and tortured abroad.The government has taken it upon themselves to deregister agents who are taking migrant Kenyans abroad to be mistreated.


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