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Diaspora Commitee Plans To Hold Employers Accountable Who Exploit Workers


Sep 12, 2023

The government has created a commitee to listen and get justice for aggrieved workers abroad.This comes after there has been an outpour of grievances from workers being tortured and starved abroad in countries like Saudi Arabia.

According to the commitee members some of the workers go secretly and untrained and face alot of problems abroad.Brokers have also been accussed of using backdoor methods to get workers abroad.

One government official said,”Agents have been exploiting Kenyan workers for years.They charge extravagant amounts instead of charging one months salary for administrative expenses.”

He added,”We should approach countries that torture Kenyan workers government to government.This will give us more leverage than allowing an ambassador to approach the government.Some countries have government officials that are very arrogant and ambassadors need back up.”

In the last few years there have been rising cases of Kenyan workers being tortured and killed abroad.This has raised great concern in the country prompting the creation of the diaspora affairs commitee.This committee is set to hold agents and employers torturing Kenyan workers abroad.


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