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Corporate Governance Expert Gbolahan Oyelakin Urges The Youth To Come Together & Build Africa


Sep 10, 2023

Mr Oyelakin is a well respected West African entrepreneur who has taken the social enterprise sector by storm.

He really stands out from all the social enterprise CEOs that have emerged from West Africa.As an advocate of African development.He has always urged the youth to stick together,build their respective countries and live in peace,love and harmony.

Being a lover of his country.He has also asked young Africans not to desert Africa for foreign nations but to stay and develop it.

“I have friends who are living abroad and are serving foreign nations with their expertise.This is knowledge and expertise that is needed back at home.”

Mr Oyelakin is known as a change agent who is touching lives by encouraging patriotism.He is based in West Africa but his work is known throughout the world and is celebrated by many respected individuals.

His management and leadership abilities have been praised by many Africans and his humble demeanor has him ranked as one of the best CEOs in Africa.


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