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Sakaja health agenda highlights one year success


Aug 27, 2023

The Nairobi County Government’s efforts to transform the health care sector sits at the helm of the success story of the Governor Johnson Sakaja’s administration one year since the governor assumed office in 2022.

The glittering track record steered by Sakaja’s man on the ground, the Nairobi County Chief Officer for Health Facilities Geoffrey Mosiria has seen the county government milestones in the County health agenda achieved to the benefit of Nairobi county residents.

Governor Sakaja’s commitment to change the outlook of Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital, the county government’s largest hospital and install first Intensive Care Units and a blood bank is worth the heart of the city while the daily monitoring of hospital operations by Health County Executive Committee member Suzanne Silantoi and the Health Facilities Chief Officer Geoffrey Mosiria has greeted a difference.

“Under the guidance and direction of Governor Sakaja, I will continue to ensure the Nairobi health agenda is achieved for the benefit of Nairobi county residents. In the last one year, we have had mar milestones which can be enumerated by every resident of Nairobi today,” Mosiria said in an in interview.

In a documentary that was aired on Sunday, 27 August, 2023, the Sakaja administration boosts of a track record of one of the best performing counties in the health sector in the country.

In the last one year, the first ever ICU unit was installed in a public hospital at the Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital along with a blood bank for timely transfusion. At the Mbagathi District Hospital, the county government installed a working incinerator, a functioning new born unit with newborn babies ICU and a laundry machine installed along with the rehabilitation of washrooms, maternity theater and sanitary facilities.

The Sakaja-led government has also seen the Pumwani Maternity Hospital installed with patient lifts and a standby generator. Mosiria was also on the ground to oversee the transformation of City Mortuary which has now been renamed Nairobi Funeral Home. In a bid to give a dignified send off to the departed, the mortuary got six new coolers installed with new cold room doors.

The county government has as well enhanced staff remuneration to boost their working morale. The Highridge Health Center was also a recipient of the health sector transformation with the establishment of cancer a diagnostic center at the facility.

Several other health facilities have also felt the impact of the transformative agenda with the Sinai Memorial Center benefiting from the establishment of a rehabilitation center

The county government under the guidance of Sakaja has also fast-tracked the procurement of health products as well as employing the use of technology in health delivery. The county procured 244 million health commodities which were timely distributed to all health facilities as well as the procurement of laboratory equipment for all health facilities.

To digitize the health sector, Nairobi County procured 223 computers, bio-metric and fingerprint scanners for 94 health facilities for NHIF refunds and self sustainability.

Mosiria noted that the county government under the leadership of Governor Sakaja will continually improve the health systems in the city and ensure that residents of the city county access the best medical attention at he county’s health facilities.


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