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African Genetic Biocontrol Consortium Brings Together Professionals From All Over The World


Aug 31, 2023

The first ever African Biocontrol Consortium took place on August 30th in Nairobi Kenya.The consortium saw over 100 professionals come from different countries across the world to discuss Bio-control and how it can be used to enhance the lives of Africans.

The consortium highlighted important topics like bio safety,bio control and introduction of GMO in Africa.With GMO on the verge of getting into the African market, it is important for more consortiums like this to take place.

Kenya is one of the few countries that has embraced GMO with its cotton being 100% GMO.This is a first in East Africa and shows that Kenya is a pioneer and has its eyes on the future.The consortium tackled issues such as improving yields and food security especially in drought stricken areas.

Biodiversity Director Nehemiah Ngetich said,”Genetically modified food is safe for consumption.We have done the necessary tests and can attest that GMO seeds produce a higher yield and taste the same as ordinary food & fruits.”

He added,”There are a lot of misconceptions about GMO but there are also alot of benefits.As Africans we should explore the benefits of this technology and not shun it completely.”

The consortium also highlited how to tackle malaria and other diseases through this technology.The consortium proved to be a success attracting politicians,scientists,researchers and journalists from all over the world.


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