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Health CS Susan Nakumicha Inaugurates Health Board


May 18, 2023

Health CS Susan Nakumicha today inaugurated a new health board at Kemsa following the recent scandal that saw the PS Josephine Mburu shown the door.Mrs Nakumicha and the president appointed the new board today and gave them the full mandate to eradicate corruption and drive the health sector towards success.

She said,”I have educated and updated members of the board on what needs to be done to improve the health sector in this country and corruption will not be tolerated.”

She added,”The board that the president and I have picked will ensure that Kenyans can access medicine and health facilities whenever required.The board is filled with competent members who have made an impact in the health sector before that I expect them to put the same effort.

The CS also said that those who are still working from home two years later after covid should report back to work immediately.

She also added that she is ready to fire anyone involved in corruption even if it’s a whole department.

This comes days after the ps Josephine Mburu was shown the door die to corruption.


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