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Ernest Kibet Tarus: Fighting For The Rights Of Baringo Residents


May 21, 2023

Ernest Kibet Tarus Has Been Fighting For The Rights Of Baringo Residents Since He Got Into Power In 2017.Many Know Him To Be Very Outspoken And To Be The Voice Of The Voiceless

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I’m Ernest Tarus. I am from Baringo Central and Kabarnet is the county headquarter of Baringo.I am the current MCA of this area and I am proud and happy to serve the people of Kabarnet.

What are some of the challenges you face as MCA?

We have been advocating for the equal treatment of all wards by the governor. Today we got information that the resource allocation list is about to be tabled in the house and people are not happy.Baringo Central has five wards and when compared to other wards we have gotten the least resource allocation inspite of being with the most needs.How are we going to replace hospital equipment, medication and fulfill other vital needs if we don’t have the budget to do so?We honestly feel marginalized.Our hospital doesn’t have a ct scan and we always refer our residents to other counties for treatment which should not be happening in this day and age.

What message would you like to pass across?

I would like to plead with the governor before the list is tabled kindly consider looking at the list and give the people the right allocation based on their needs.People trusted us and voted for us so they expect the best from us .Please look at it and consider giving us the right allocation so that we are able to purchase medical equipment and medication that our hospital desperately needs.We need to show the people that the government is working for them. Kindly have a change of heart and give us our rightful allocation. Baringo residents entrusted us as MCAs to serve them well and we will not let them down.The people need accountability on what we are doing to improve their lives.

What do you feel should have been done better?

We would like members of Baringo Central to get representation meaning we should get resources according to our needs so that we can be able to serve the people efficiently.We need to be accountable to the people about what we’ve done for them and we can only be accountable if we are given the right resources to get the work done.Lets make Baringo work for the people.


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