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Beyonce Debuts At Number 1 On The Billboard Hot 100&On The Country Music Charts


Mar 2, 2024

Beyonce recently released two country singles Texas Hold Em and 16 Carriages.Both songs becoming the first country singles to debut at number 1 on both the Billboard Hot 100 and Country Music Charts by a black woman.Both have now sold over 100,000 copies with Texas Hold Em in the lead with 180,000 copies.

Beyonce is now the first black woman to debut a number one on the country music charts and also the first black woman to debut at No 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 with a country song.

Shifting music trends has caused country music to come to the forefront surpassing hiphop for the first time in two decades.This is a result Gen Z embracing country music over hiphop which has dominated heavily for the last decade.This has also caused more labels to sign more country artists than hiphop artists something the industry never expected.

Record labels want to put out music that the masses will buy and bring in huge profits because of this they are expected to invest more in country artists than hiphop artists.This shows how a whole generation can impact and shift the direction of music.

Beyonce’s new album might also cause a shift in the music scene as hip hop was already losing momentum to country music but only time will tell.


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