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Chinese Film and TV Offerings on Kenyan Channels Transmitting Values and Culture


Feb 29, 2024
Chinese Film and TV Offerings on Kenyan Channels Transmitting Values and Culture

Kenya and China have maintained friendly exchanges for a long time, and economic cooperation and cultural exchanges have never stopped.

As more and more Chinese film and television dramas travel across the ocean to Africa, a new window is opened for us viewers to understand the world and China.

Recently, the Chinese food program “Taste of Beijing” jointly introduced by local mainstream channels Rembo TV and PPP TV has aroused widespread discussion and attention among viewers.

It is understood that “Taste of Beijing” is a program focusing on the food culture of Beijing, China, which the host leads the audience to taste local restaurants to taste special delicacies.

Kenya, China to foster cultural exchange through film

This program received enthusiastic love from the audience as soon as it was aired. The novel Beijing specialties, different food processing and cooking methods have opened a new door for the audience.

Learn about traditional Chinese food through the program, allowing the audience to feel the cultural differences between the two countries reflected in traditional food.

The exchange of audiovisual programs is an important part of cultural exchanges.

In recent years, many Chinese film and television dramas with diversified themes and sophisticated productions have been broadcast in our country, which has enabled the public to deepen their understanding of people’s diet, clothing, lifestyle, culture and other aspects of contemporary Chinese society.

It has helped our country, and even Africa, build a bridge of cultural exchanges with China.

Kenya & China: A love-hate relationship? | Global Trade Review (GTR)

For a long time, Kenya has always held high the banner of cooperation and win-win, actively introduced foreign film and television works, and built a bridge for our country to understand the world and conduct cultural exchanges with other countries.

Audio-visual program exchange is an important part of cultural exchange. In recent years, Kenya has developed rapidly, drawing on the strengths of others and being eclectic. TV series from China have also entered our lives through translating and dubbing in local languages.

In 2023, Chinese film and television dramas “Legend of Fuyao”, “Soldier Assault”, “Sesame Alley”, documentaries “A Bite of China”, “From Chang’an to Rome”, the movie “Wolf Warrior” and cartoons “Valt the Wonder Deer” and “Jing-Ju Cat” and “Cool Jay’s Forest Adventure” meet our audiences through the StarTimes platform on Swahili channel and local Kenyan channels.

It is understood that this audio-visual program exchange is rich in types, including film and television dramas, cartoons, and documentaries. At the same time, the program selection is also carefully selected from dramas that reflect Chinese contemporary stories, food culture, historical culture, and are full of positive energy. The aim is to enable our audience to feel positive values and receive positive guidance.

The content of the work and the audience are in a relationship of mutual achievement.

High-quality film and television content can attract a large number of viewers to watch, and good works can also play a leading role in the audience’s artistic pursuit and aesthetic changes. We believe that audio-visual cultural exchanges can last as the length of the friendly relations between China and Africa.

With the collision and integration of different ideas and cultures in China and Africa, the film and television cultural industry will produce more fruitful results.

It is hoped that this kind of audio-visual exchange and cultural sharing activities can maintain vitality and blossom into brilliant flowers of civilization.


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