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LG Unveils Its Vision to “Reinvent Your Future” Through AI-driven Innovations at the LG World Premiere


Jan 9, 2024 ,

In its bid to innovate and elevate its customer experience, LG, a company with an extensive customer-base in Kenya, has identified AI as one of its most essential enablers of success. The company’s CEO, William Cho, said that rather than fixating on the evolution of the technology itself, LG is dedicated to demonstrating how AI can provide tangible benefits in the real world. He added that the company is redefining AI as “Affectionate Intelligence,” revealing a belief that AI can foster a customer experience that is more caring, empathetic and attentive.

Cho was speaking Monday at the LG World Premiere press conference in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, where he introduced ‘Reinvent your future’ as the company’s new vision and exhibition theme for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024, which starts today and runs until January 12.

He highlighted the unique characteristics of LG’s AI solutions, starting with its capacity to harness a wealth of data, in both scale and quality. Whereas many companies rely on internet-based data to train their AI, LG has the advantage of being able to draw on ‘real life’ data gathered from billions of connected devices, encompassing LG smart products and a wide range of IoT devices.

This dataset can provide valuable insights into customer-device interactions, as well as customers’ environments, behavior patterns and emotional states. The multi-faceted data also gives the company a more complete picture of its customers’ lives at home, enabling the delivery of better and smarter lifestyle solutions.

The CEO also explained the integral role played by LG’s AI Brain, a powerful processing engine driven by LG’s large language model (LLM). Leveraging the company’s vast repository of user data, the AI Brain forecasts customers’ needs based on user-product interactions and contextual learning, performs advanced reasoning processes, and generates optimal solutions through orchestrating the actions of physical devices.

Ultimately, this allows the company to provide intelligent services and experiences for the various spaces in customers’ lives, all delivered in a more intelligent and efficient manner, showcasing the attentiveness embedded in LG’s concept of Affectionate Intelligence.

Cho also emphasized LG’s awareness of its responsibility to employ AI in an ethical manner and its dedication to accountability for the impacts and consequences of its decisions and actions. The company, he said, aims to develop AI systems that benefit all users, promote safe behavior and ensure the security of all collected personal data. 

Highlighting this commitment is the company’s robust data security system, LG Shield, which is designed to protect personal data and information at every stage of the process, from collection and storage to utilization. Dedicated to realizing Responsible Intelligence, LG aims to surpass required industry benchmarks for the implementation of AI. 

Meanwhile, Jung Ki-hyun, vice president and head of LG’s Platform Business Center, presented a blueprint for LG’s AI-based smart home. In line with the vision to transform into a smart life solution company, the company is incorporating LG’s unique ‘Affectionate Intelligence’ technology into its ThinQ platform. Mr. Jung only unveiled innovative new services, such as ‘ChatThinQ,’ a generative AI chatbot that enables natural conversations with customers, and ‘3D Home View,’ a 3D visualization of the home for integrated control of spaces in an intuitive way, but also revealed plans to launch a new smart home hub.

And, in mobility, the president of the LGVehicle component Solutions (VS) Company, Eun Seok-hyun, introduced AI-based innovative technologies and strategies, while sharing LG’s vision for cars as a ‘living space on wheels’ powered by software-defined vehicle (SDV) solutions. In line with this vision, Seok-hyun, introduced LG AlphaWare, the company’s suite of software solutions for SDV. LG AlphaWare includes versatile software modules to enhance existing vehicle operating systems and to assist in building new platforms; operation solutions to help software developers throughout the SW development process from design to deployment; in-cabin entertainment solutions that enable high-definition content viewing and high-quality sound; and human-machine interface solutions that utilize AR/MR and AI technologies to provide an immersive in-vehicle experience.  

For more information on what the company has in store for CES 2024, visit LG’s dedicated CES site (www.LG.com/CES2024) and the LG Global YouTube channel.


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