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Optiven’s Green Army Kicks Off 2024 with a Heartwarming Thanksgiving Service


Jan 8, 2024
Optiven's Green Army Kicks Off 2024 with a Heartwarming Thanksgiving Service

As the year 2024 unfolds its chapters, Optiven’s green army recently convened for a heartwarming thanksgiving service, marking the commencement of a new and promising year.

The event, held at the state-of-the-art GMC Kitengela conference hall, showcased Optiven’s unwavering commitment to gratitude and celebration.

The atmosphere was adorned with a sea of white attire symbolizing new beginnings, complemented by touches of green representing optimism.

The modern and picturesque GMC ambiance provided the perfect backdrop for the occasion, offering a delectable appetizer served by the hospitable team, setting the stage for an inspiring gathering.

Keynote speaker Chief Executive George Wachiuri officially launched 25 years of positive transformation.

He outlined strategies for achieving “Big Success” in 2024, including regular training, data-based decisions, diaspora activations, and the promotion of hardworking individuals.

Regional manager Peter Gitonga initiated the event with an opening prayer, setting the tone for soul-stirring hymns that filled the air with deep appreciation and reflection.

Bishop Phillips Katutu of Destiny Life Church, the minister for the day, led the congregants with inspirational messages and dedicated the year to Big Success.

 He emphasized the theme of teamwork, urging attendees to embrace collaboration for greater success.

Entertainment was woven into the fabric of the event, with the marketing team delivering a captivating performance.

Energetic emcees Martin Waweru and Muchiri Muchoki seamlessly transitioned between presentations, speakers, and performances, keeping the audience engaged.

The Optiven leadership team took the stage next, acknowledging the hard work and dedication of the entire team.

Head of Sales Rachel Ndung’e highlighted the importance of resilience and unity, empowering the conversion team and encouraging open communication.

Joe Alando, General Manager at the Global office in Karen, quoted Hellen Keller, stating, “The world is moved along, not by the mighty shoves of its heroes, but also by the aggregate of tiny pushes of each honest worker.”

The mood was enhanced by the GMC deejays, who skillfully curated colorful music for the occasion.

 The event served as a platform for colleagues and partners to connect on a personal level, strengthening the bonds that contribute to Optiven’s collaborative work culture.

The event concluded with the recognition of hardworking partners, the formation of a creative team to drive innovation, and words of encouragement from Director for Strategy and Operations Mary Wacuka.

As the day concluded, the message resounded, “A boat does not go forward if each one is rowing their own way.”


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