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Wachiuri’s Renewable Energy Solution for a Greener Real Estate Sector


Nov 1, 2023
George Wachiuri's Insights on Optiven's UK Expansion

George Wachiuri, Group Chief Executive Officer at Optiven Group, has emphasized the significance of renewable energy in shaping the future of sustainable real estate.

Speaking during media interview, Wachiuri highlighted the potential benefits of incorporating renewable energy solutions in the real estate sector.

He pointed out that renewable energy, such as solar power, can offer vital solutions for real estate, including the use of solar-powered street lights for night lighting in residential areas.

Given the challenges of rainfall and the subsequent scarcity of sun, Wachiuri stressed the importance of leveraging solar panels as an ideal source of energy in real estate.

Wachiuri revealed that Optiven, through its GoGreen Initiative, has already started implementing solar power in its projects.

“This involves not only powering the projects and street lighting but also utilizing solar energy to operate features like water fountains at the developments,” Wachiuri said.

He noted that in line with Optiven’s commitment to sustainability, they  introduced a charter that encourages investors to build green and sustainable properties.

He stated, “We have continuously called on our customers to build sustainably so that they can tap water from their buildings and harvest this key resource. On waste management, we encourage the use of biodigesters to also leverage the environment’s aesthetics and improve waste handling.”

Optiven early this year was awarded for it’s GoGreen Initiative. The initiative under the Optiven Foundation environment pillar has been dubbed a game changer in the real estate sector.

Already the initiative has seen institutions under KEPSA and stakeholders of industry taking on it’s model of sustainability by including environment sustainability into it’s Economic Social Governance ESG blueprints.

The Awards  held in Nairobi on 31st March came as the company is looking to further sustainably manage it’s Projects with emphasis on value additions that embrace the circular economy.

“we are happy that as a company our GoGreen initiative has been singled out and awarded,”Wachiuri said.

At the same event,  Wachiuri was installed to the fellowship of the Kenya Professional Realtors Association. The bestowment now confers to Wachiuri the honor of fellowship of the KPRA as recognized from the year 2022. 

Wachiuri said, “I am most humbled by this one of kind recognition and reward by the Kenya Professional Realtors Association – KPRA. It has been for me a journey of passion and pain, but one filled with the desire to empower people to create wealth and live better for the future.

Africa boasts the capacity to fulfill its energy needs from readily available renewable energy resources, including water, sun, and wind.

The advantages of harnessing renewable energy include climate-smart agriculture, environmental conservation, and overall continental improvement. Kenya, for instance, has made significant progress, with 92% of its national grid power sourced from renewable energy. This marks a substantial stride towards achieving the country’s goal of 100% reliance on renewable energy by the year 2030.

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