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The Daily Sports Chronicle: Gor Mahia Triumphs Over Shabana FC in Epic Showdown

In a pulsating clash that kept the fans on the edge of their seats, Gor Mahia managed to edge past Shabana FC with a 1-0 victory at the Moi International Sports Centre Kasarani. The match was a testament to the resilience and determination of both teams, showcasing the true essence of Kenyan football.

Shabana FC, despite missing key players due to injuries, showcased an impressive defensive performance, frustrating Gor Mahia’s attacking line-up. Goalkeeper Erick Ongiri was the hero of the hour, making crucial saves that kept his team in contention. However, Shabana FC faced a setback when defender Aduda Abisolom received a contentious red card in the 79th minute, reducing them to ten men.

Gor Mahia, capitalizing on the numerical advantage, intensified their attacks. The pivotal moment arrived in injury time when Rooney Onyango found the back of the net with a well-placed shot, securing the win for the Green Army. The victory lifted Gor Mahia’s spirits, reinstating their confidence after a series of challenging matches.

Shabana head coach Sammy Okoth expressed his disappointment with the officiating, highlighting the impact of the red card on the game’s dynamics. “Our team played well, but I am not happy with the officiating. The moment we started receiving unnecessary red cards, I knew things would be tough. Sadly, we got a red card that Gor Mahia used to their advantage,” lamented Okoth.

However, Okoth urged the supporters to remain patient, emphasizing that with time, the tides would change. He acknowledged the unwavering support from the fans and underscored the crucial role played by sponsors Bangbet. “Our supporters need to be patient, and with time, the tides will change. Our sponsors, Bangbet, have done a fantastic job by sticking with us, and we are not taking that for granted,” said Okoth.

Shabana fans shared mixed emotions after the match. James Omari, a dedicated fan, expressed disappointment over the loss but stressed the importance of continuous support. “I am disappointed that we lost again, but as fans, we must continue supporting our team. We should rally behind the boys and their efforts. Hoping our our sponsors will not run away,” urged Omari.

Another passionate supporter, James Maribo, demanded more from the team. “This is terrible. We seriously need a change. We cannot keep on losing. We are demanding more from this team. We have resources, and we don’t have results. This is unacceptable,” voiced Maribo.

Bangbet, the proud sponsor of Shabana FC, has been a beacon of hope for the team. Before the season commenced, Bangbet stepped in with a significant sponsorship deal of Sh20 million for Shabana FC. The partnership represents Bangbet’s intentional efforts to support communities in Kenya through sports. The sponsorship includes not only financial support but also essential resources such as footballs and kits for all players, allowing the team to focus entirely on their performance on the pitch.

A tantalizing Sh10 million bonus awaits the team should they win the 2023/2024 FKF Premier League title. While they are currently facing challenges, the unwavering support from Bangbet continues to inspire the players, coaching staff, and fans alike. ”The sponsorship deal signifies a shared vision between Shabana FC and Bangbet – a vision to nurture talent, empower communities, and promote the spirit of sportsmanship in Kenya,” stated a representative from Bangbet.

As the season progresses, Shabana FC and their dedicated supporters look forward to overcoming obstacles, aiming for a triumphant journey ahead. With Bangbet’s steadfast support, the team remains hopeful, knowing that they have a powerful ally standing firmly behind them, ready to propel them towards success in the vibrant landscape of Kenyan football.


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