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How Agriculture Deputy Director Jane Wambugu Is Revolutionizing The Agrinutrition Unit


Sep 13, 2023

Jane Wambugu has inspired young women in Africa to be the best that they can be

As a director and researcher who advocates for indigenous food in Africa and around the world.Jane has made it her purpose to ensure that people not only eat healthy but transform their lives through food.

With the rise of fast food restaurants.We have seen the rise of some diseases as well with the health of Kenyans dwindling.

Obesity among the youth is at an all time high more than any other time in history and diseases such as cholesterol is at its peak because of these foods.

Mrs Wambugu who is one of the few female directors in her line of work has admirable leadership and management qualities and is considered a change agent who has made it her mission to ensure that everybody eats healthy and lives a good life.

Mrs Wambugu said,”We really need to change our eating habits and embrace indigenous food.We need to introduce indigenous food to our children at a young age and allow them to embrace it.Time has proven that the healthier we eat the more we preserve our bodies.”

She added,”Indigenous food is the best food.It is more healthy and nutritious.It is what we should make mainstream instead of fast food.I urge members of the public to start consuming indigenous.”

She graced the agrinutrition summit at Windsor Golf Club and is known as the woman who is revolutionizing the agrinutrition sector.


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