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Hamza Hadoow:A True African Success Story


Aug 27, 2023

Hamza Hadoow Is Turning Things Around For Somalia And Giving The Country A Fresh Start

Hamza Haddow is a revolutionary leader who has vowed to put Somalia on the map building crucial relationships that the country had failed to build previously due to political instability.He is turning things around and giving the country a second chance and a much needed fresh start.

Having been recently appointed as Principal Secretary For Foreign Affairs Mr. Hadoow has made it part of his mission to put Somalia back on the map first by joining the East African Community, a move that will see Somalia benefit greatly in trade.

Somalia which is the home to one of the most talented and gifted businessmen in the world is now building crucial business relationships with other countries to expand their businesses.This move could see Somalia produce East Africa’s first billionaires.

A husband,father and a talented businessman as well Mr Hadoow understands how crucial it is to build strong lasting business and personal relationships with other countries and the intelligent moves he is making are set to change the trajectory of Somalia’s future forever.

As Principal Secretary Mr Hadoow has ensured that Somalia has built more international relationships in the last 1 year than it did in the last 20 years with many African leaders taking their hats off for his exemplary work.

Mr Hadoow said,”As Africa we must unite and be one.We are gifted with alot of natural resources and human capital.We need to utilize the resources God has given us.By joining the East African Community I believe we will contribute to the economy because of Somalia’s access to the Red Sea.Our unity will make us greater.”

He added,”My goal is to bring people together.We will eliminate Alshabaab because we want to put the safety of the people first.We also want to protect our investments and bring in more tourists and investors from the international community.”

He added that he learnt that the best diplomacy is when people and countries are connected to each other.This is because when we come together great things happen and every African leader’s goal at the end of the day should be to bring people together.

He also stated,”Kenyans and Somalis are brothers and sisters because we share a long history together.We are more similar than different and Somalia will always remember Kenya for it’s kindness and generosity as many Kenyan militants died for our freedom from Alshabaab.”

He added,”I believe Somalia will contribute greatly as part of the East African Community and the East African Community will welcome us with open arms.Our president wants to eliminate Alshabaab for good.We say no to terrorism today and forever.Today Somalia is a peaceful country ready to do business with the world.”

Since Hamza’s appointment he has proven to be dedicated, diligent and passionate about serving the people of Somalia.He has shown the world that he is a visionary who always brings his A game and is dedicated to taking Somalia to the next level.His open heartedness and willingness to adopt new ideas makes him one of Africa’s top leaders today.


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