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Denise Kodhe Officiates Human Security Conference In Africa


May 30, 2023

Tell us a bit about yourself:

My name is Denise Kodhe I am the Director General of Institute Of Development And Leadership In Africa and also the former chair and president of the African Union Economic,Social And Cultural Council which represents the civil society in Africa.

How was the event in your opinion?The event was successful because it brought stakeholders together to discuss human security.Human security is often misunderstood by many as physical security but it includes political, food, climate and economic security as well.

Why did you choose to have this stakeholder engagement?

We invited Jalal from The United Nations Economic Commission to teach us and enhance our knowledge on human security.Africa is moving to the next level and we need such forums to exchange ideas and dialogue on issues affecting Africa.This is a new concept and we are looking to implement it in Kenya and other countries as well.Because this is a new concept we would like Kenyans to understand human security not only as physical but in other forms as well.Japan is very good at implementing physical security it’s about development and the comfort of the citizen.We look forward to holding more events like this one in the future.

Why did you invite the media for the stakeholder engagement?

We are happy to bring the media on board so that they can create a better understanding on the matter and educate citizens as well.The media should be included in the process so that they can report objectively.


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