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Nairobi MCA Mwaniki Kwenya Embraces Muslim Community At Iftar Dinner Hosted In The Middle Of The City


Apr 21, 2023

Nairobi MCA Mwaniki Kwenya welcomed and attended the biggest Iftar dinner.A dinner that was organized in the middle of the city.

The MCA emphasized his support for the muslim community living in Nairobi stating that as they celebrate Ramadan he stands with them and they have his support.

The Iftar dinner which was held to support the muslim community in Kenya was held in Mwaniki’s ward which he was more than happy to host.

He said,”I whole heartedly support the muslim community during this period not only because they are one of the biggest contributors of tax in my ward but because they are very hardworking and are a great people.”

He added,”It is an honour to host the Muslim community here in my ward.I love and appreciate them.”

Mwaniki Kwenya is one of the kindest and most considerate MCAs in Kenya.He is known to bring people together and advocate for peace,love and unity.


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