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Jubilee Says Defectors Should Be Kicked Out


Apr 20, 2023

Jubilee party has condemned Sabina chege and Wetangula for doing a shoddy job.

Jeremiah Kioni is the boss and he is the one who orders everything those walking without his authority are not in the party.

We are willing to kick out members who are not co operating.We are tired of those who are not loyal to the party.

Shebesh added that as a party Jubilee has followed the rules but at the moment enough is enough.

Raila is the only person fighting for the rights of Kenyans.If it was not for Raila the defectors would not be in power nor would they be even be nominated.

We need to kick out members who are taking advantage of parties.Those who are busy running to uda are not even welcome nor are they welcome.

Jubilee has decided to stand with Uhuru & Jeremiah Kioni stating that the party has been made up by people from Eastlands people from the bottom.

We have been approached severally to sell the party but we have refused.We are ready to fight for the rights of Kenyans.


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