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Echo Network Africa Launches Campaign to Curb Women Cyberbullying


Mar 2, 2023
Ann Waiguru at the Stop Cyber Bullying Campaign Launch |Photo:Courtesy


Echo Network Africa on Tuesday launched the Stop Cyber Bullies Now Campaign which promotes women leaders online safety.

The campaign was officiated by Kirinyaga govenor Ann Waiguru who is a key champion of the campaign.

“I will support the campaign because I understand what it means to be targeted online.” Waiguru said.

She said that as people celebrate the positive impacts of technology, they must also acknowledge the challenges that come with it, particularly in the form of cyberbullying.

The governor added that cyberbullying frustrates women and makes them have low self esteem.

“You and I know that cyberbullying will hinder how we women
participate in public discourses and processes as many of us will cower,
self-censor, and in some instances, totally withdraw from public, civic
and social media spaces.” the governor said.

Waiguru also acknowledged Dr. Jennifer Riria for her auspicious work which she has done to help women and girls.

“Allow me to pass my immense congratulations to the Echo Network Africa and Dr. Jennifer Riria for this auspicious moment. Daktari, you have worked tirelessly in finding solutions to the issues women and girls are impacted by and providing sustainable solutions
such as improved access to education, eradicating negative socio-cultural norms, opportunities for women leadership and financing. For that, I celebrate you.”

Women occupying public spaces suffer from online bullying, threats and other forms of abuses.

At the event, veteran content creator, Lynn Ngugi was awarded the Gender Justice Award for her contribution towards promoting womens online safety.

According to statistics, Kenya has been ranked among the worst countries in the world when it comes to protecting children and women from cyber-bullying.


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