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Kipipiri MP vows to press ahead with key reforms in the constituency


Sep 30, 2022

Kipipiri Member of Parliament Wanjiku Muhia has promised to move ahead with urgently needed reforms to empower her constituents.

Wanjiku Muhia was elected on the UDA ticket in the just concluded general election defeating former majority Amos Kimunya.

Addressing the media in the constituency, Wanjiku said she will continue supporting talent among the youth in her constituency besides encouraging them to acquire quality education through the provision of timely bursaries.

“To my great peoples of Kipipiri,I thank you most sincerely for giving me a chance to serve you as your MP.I will work hard to fulfill what i promised in my manifestos, “she noted.

Wanjiku noted she would prioritize the people, good governance and service delivery, strategic partnerships, innovativeness, and sustainability.

She noted that employment opportunities will be competitive and purely on merit and promised to complete stalled projects to ensure that services reach residents.

“We want to be open and accountable. I will not employ anybody based on my relationship with them but merit,” Wanjiku said.

She noted that once the corruption loopholes are sealed, there will be enough money to fund the social protection program and empower the less privileged in society.

She further noted that she will follow suit and lobby for development projects from National Government as well as partners.

Wanjiku noted that she will prioritize infrastructure development and security noting that the errors of food products wasting on far due to poor roads are over.

She further promised to revitalize the agricultural sector as one way of creating jobs for the millions of unemployed Kenyans in the constituency.

“We are on a mission to dramatically scale up agriculture productivity and ensure that every Kipipiri farmer will contribute to sustainable economic growth by contributing to adequate and affordable food, generating greater incomes, and producing the raw materials required by the agro-industrial and manufacturing value chains., “she said.

She also urged the Judiciary to work with other arms of the government to speed up the completion of cases to deter corruption suspects from enjoying the wealth they acquired illegally.

“Corruption cases should have a timeline just like election petitions,” she said.

She further expressed confidence that President William Ruto is the right person to fight corruption in Kenya adding that the bottom-up economic model fronted by Ruto will empower Kenyans economically.


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