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How Optiven limited is Making Real Estate markets work in Africa


Sep 28, 2022

Real Estate investment is a dynamic sector that has proven to provide a hedge against inflation both locally and internationally. The sector comprises different varieties such as residential, commercial offices, retail, mixed-use developments, and land.

With its illustrious and solid decades of success in business, Optiven has been making inroads in empowering Kenyans in Diaspora with hugely successful engagements in the United States of America, Canada, a dozen of European Countries, United Arabs Emirates (Dubai) as well as a battery of African countries (watch more on this here: https://youtu.be/2ypaq3nIWtY)

The brand has continued to offer to the public, appreciably tangible benefits, with the public greatly appreciating the value of its great services.

According to group CEO and founder George Wachiuri, this is part of the company’s strategy to realize its corporate vision as champions of social economic transformation as well as being listed as a company to inspire Africa by the London Stock Exchange Group LSEG. Wachiuri notes that as a leader, it is his job not to see Optiven as it is now but as it should be in 50 years or more, thus the expansion rollout as part of its strategy.

Mr. Wachiuri said the real estate sector has continued to perform much better compared to other investment asset classes in terms of returns and risk involved, and as a result, more individuals and institutional investors are shifting their focus towards real estate investments.

Wachiuri said that the improving infrastructural developments, growing population, growing middle class with improved tastes and preferences, and, entry of multinational firms have also continued to shape industry standards and hence encouraging investment in the Real Estate asset class.

He noted that the recovery of the real estate sector continued to gain traction, with increased activity and stronger performance witnessed across all asset classes in the past five months to June 2022, driven mainly by increased business activities as a result of the post-pandemic reopening of the economy.

“Over the past ten years, we’ve seen an improvement in many of the metrics framing national and local housing sectors: in many jurisdictions, administrative processes have become more efficient, the land is being titled and tenure regularized, and efforts have been made to address liquidity in mortgage markets, and policy has aligned itself in favor of affordable housing,’ Wachiuri said.

He said that the argument for affordable and value added properties has long been a social one, highlighting the massive need, and has been framed in the context of key global agreements such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

He said that to make the sector more aggressive and hospitable, a progressive effort by the public (government), and the private sector is needed to identify niche market opportunities along the value chain.

Wachiuri said that a rapidly urbanizing, young, and the growing middle class has suggested an important investment opportunity that should be exploited well to enhance economic growth.

“Real estate investment builds asset wealth, enables job creation, supports economic growth, and facilitates financial intermediation,” he said adding that land and housing are central to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals Housing contributes towards a sustainable future.

He further noted that all Optiven’s properties have a potential performance of an area based on ease of accessibility and availability of quality infrastructure provided by road networks, electricity supply and sewer line connections.

He noted that the needs to assess the existence of social amenities; such as shopping centers, schools, and hospitals, also come as a priority.

Indeed, Optiven continues to make a difference and inspire possibilities across the country.

Recently under the stewardship of Chairman George Wachiuri, they opened a new office in Laikipia County to serve customers interested in investing in their grandeur project, The Great Oasis Gardens by Optiven.

The new offices are located on the second floor at UBII Plaza on Nyeri Nanyuki Road.

The office is a welcome development and will remain open to serving Optiven Customers with ease considering that customer service is at the core of Optiven’s purpose.

The big question then becomes, is Africa ready for Optiven and its well-calculated expansion strategy?

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