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Dhimant Shah:Giving Tech Start Ups A Fighting Chance


Jun 20, 2024

Craft Silicon CEO and founder Dhimant Shah has found a way to create financial inclusion for small companies,giving them a way to scale faster.

Starting out in Nairobi,Craft Silicon has expanded to different countries across Africa helping young start ups achieve their dreams.They first set up shop in Nairobi then expanded to other countries on the continent.

Most startups in Africa unlike in the US lack financial capital and credit to start and scale.Most especially those in the technology sector are left out of traditional funding because of its unpredictable nature.Making them unable to scale and ultimately be successful.Craft Silicon is giving these companies a second chance to grow,thrive and prosper.

Craft Silicon CEO told us in an interview,”We want to grow,develop and expand the expand the credit financing sector in East Africa.There is so much untapped potential and we want to make sure that the sector reaches its highest potential.”

He added,”We are looking forward to working with different sectors in the economy.I am also looking forward to working with county governments as well.”

Craft Silicon was present during the OSR Growth conference held in Nairobi Kenya.Many were impressed with their top tier services.They are truly the best above the rest in their sector.


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