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ByBrian Bichang'a

May 30, 2024

Kisii County Agriculture, Livestock, Veterinary, Fisheries, and Extension Services Advisor Hon. Sarah Nyaenya visited Mzee Onsase, a dairy farmer in Sensi Ward. “Agriculture is the backbone of our economy, and we must support all dairy farmers to improve their lives and farming. Our county is ready to establish cooperatives to streamline the process,” she said. She encouraged many farmers to engage in dairy farming for the betterment and advancement of agriculture. Mzee Onsase, with his 10 cows, produces more than 400 liters of milk daily. Hon. Sarah added, “We will ensure full support for all our farmers, and we must ensure that farmers enjoy services from the county under the Governor Arati regime.” Hon. Sarah is a well-known dairy farmer from Bomachoge Borabu despite her being a county officer. She is in agriculture practice all through.


Brian Bichang'a

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