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Matatu Owners Association Refuse To Support Finance Bill


May 29, 2024

Albert Karakacha,president matatu owners association stated today in a
press conference that the finance bill will hinder the progress of the
matatu sector.The association which is one of the largest in the country
has requested the government to sit down with them to discuss the
controversial bill.Mr Karakacha stated,”We are not supporting the finance bill.We are
paying taxes from the fuel levy and other areas.We are already heavily
burdened when it comes to taxes and the bill is not supporting the
matatu sector or easing our burdens.”He added,”We are facing other challenges.We want to tame corruption
among other vices in the industry.Interest rates are at 24percent,an all
time high.We have decided to bring together all the saccos
countrywide.We are a 500million industry.We can pull our resources
together,loan ourselves money and regulate our own interest rates .We
can support ourselves with loans instead of relying on banks.”The association asked the government to look out for the ordinary
mwananchi during this hard economic period by reducing taxes and not
implementing the finance bill.


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