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Kisii County:A County Of Development And Hope

ByBrian Bichang'a

May 27, 2024

Kisii County has been known as a home of fight, but through his excellence, the Governor Hon. Paul Simba Arati, the county is now gaining peace and light for its people. In this area, bursaries have been given to all needy students, and for the Form Ones, they are almost disbursed. 90% of county roads are now in good condition, having been graded and covered with suitable murram. 75% of ECDE classes have been built since this government was elected, providing suitable classes for the Kisii kids. More than 900 ECDE teachers were employed in permanent and pensionable conditions, and 70% of those who were not on the payroll in the last regime were considered in this regime. Kisii residents are now expressing great thanks to the governor for the good job done.


Brian Bichang'a

Brian Bichang'a is a seasoned reporter who does local and international stories

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