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Saweetie Sells 2,000 Copies Becoming Least Successful Rapper Commercially


Apr 14, 2024

Saweetie recently released her mixtape and it sold 2,000 records in the first week.This is a flop for an artist who has so much world visibility.She has the lowest sales compared to all the female rappers out right now.

Critics came out saying that she has 13 million followers on social media and not even 1% purchased her album,1% is 130,000 only.Many people felt this is because she has a lot of fake followers or bots that follow her and comment on her posts.This is why her followers were not translating into cash.Not all artists have the privilege of translating their music sales into hard cash.

Many believe that the Tap In rapper should have released her mixtape when she was at the top of her career when she was with the rapper Quavo.Not every artist can even sell out a tour or millions of records.This is because many have millions of followers yet cannot even fill up an arena.Very few artists are able to convert their followers into customers. Not every artist is marketable and not every artist can convert popularity into cold hard cash.

I also feel like maybe the label didn’t have faith in her hence why she was releasing many mixtapes instead of albums.The label most probably felt that the album wasn’t going to sell well.The album definitely had low faith in her projects thats why they preferred she releases mixtapes before an album.

The album also had little to no promotion.There were no collaborations and no song on the mixtape had a video. This could have really helped push the mixtape.There were no lead singles as well that were going to propel the album. Many people didn’t even know that this album was coming out.She should have followed her previous blueprint and released similar songs that succeeded in the past.Many believed that the 2k that was shared with the public was actually inflated because many labels inflate first week numbers.

We also see labels go above and beyond for their artists. We see labels by fake streams, buy comment
sections and views on YouTube and the fact that her label didn’t go out of their way to inflate her streams and stuff like that is really telling about her relationship with the label.Many agree that she is a better influencer than a rapper. She didn’t capitalize on all the advantages she had as an artist. Many really blame her management and her label for her poor commercial performance.

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