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Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja enumerates successes in state of county address


Apr 4, 2024

Nairobi City County Governor Johnson Sakaja has today made the annual state of the County address to the Nairobi City County Assembly enumerating many success stories that his administration has achieved in the last year.

Sakaja reported that the Margaret Uhuru Hospital  in Embakasi North will soon be reverted to the management of the county government as a level four facility, in a move that will see over two million Nairobi residents get healthcare services while the move will ease the pressure on Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital.

“I ave the pleasure to announce that in a matter of hours, the process to bring Margaret Uhuru Hospital back to the county will be completed and this hospital, with a 400 bed capacity will now ease the burden on Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital and serve over two million people in the county,” Sakaja announced.

While counting on the many success stories across various departments of the county government, Sakaja took pride in his administration for a sparkling track record in the health sector as well as infrastructure development, promotion of arts and sports, digitization of operations and the successful unrolling of the Dishi Na County school feeding program.

“Among my campaign promises was the digitization of county systems and I am happy to report that on January 1st this year, we rolled out the Unified Business Permit which now allows traders to get a one in all business licence. We are working to educate businessmen on the online application before our enforcement team starts inspection,” the Governor said.

“Further, for those who still prefer to be served physically, Nairobi is the first county to establish a customer service center, which is in line with county governments act and Nairobi is the first county to set up such a center,” He added.

Sakaja announced that he is in support and the lands County Executive Committee Member will approve the change of user for a parcel of land in Upper Hill, owned by the county, where the county will construct new county assembly buildings, an administration block and offices for all MCA’s to better serve the people of Nairobi.

Sakaja noted that surveys have indicated that Nairobi has the potential of raising over Ksh 60 billion in own source revenue. In the last financial year Sakaja said, Nairobi had raised over Ksh 10 Billion own revenue and the county is on course to surpass the Ksh 12 billion collection of 2015/2016 financial year.

On the promotion of the arts, Sakaja reiterated his support for freelance filming in Nairobi noting that this had opened opportunities for many youths to create an employment for themselves. However, Sakaja said that those filming county government enforcement officers for clout would face arrest for obstruction of law enforcement.

Sakaja noted that his administration was not intending to interfere with the street photographers but was also intentional on allowing its officers to operate without fear as no legal binding trader would be harassed by the county officers.

“We do not say that filming our officers is wrong, but when you pick a three second video and post in online, you have told just one side of the story, we are even planning to have our officers have body cameras but again, we insist, our officers must be let to do their work. Filming them actually increases transparency but we will protect them when they are doing their work so members I urge you to support me in this to protect the integrity of our officers,” Sakaja affirmed.

Revisiting the Dishi Na County feeding program, Sakaja was pleased to report that a total of 184,000 school children were now getting their hot lunch at a cost of only Five shillings and the program had turned around the learning process in Nairobi Primary and ECDE schools where more pupils now attend school without the fear of going hungry.

Sakaja reported that his administration has changed the governance structure of public hospitals based on the report of a 2023 taskforce. The county has employed professional Chief Executive Officers at county government hospitals. The Mama Lucy Kibaki opened an eye clinic at Umoja 2 annex as well as other gains and successes. Among them, Sakaja recorded commitment to change the outlook of Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital, the county government’s largest hospital was installed with the first Intensive Care Units and a blood bank.

At the Mbagathi District Hospital, the county government installed a working incinerator, a functioning new born unit with newborn babies ICU and a laundry machine installed along with the rehabilitation of washrooms, maternity theater and sanitary facilities. The Sakaja led government also saw that the Pumwani Maternity Hospital was installed with patient lifts and a standby generator.

At the same time, street vendors and hawkers were allocated some 29 select back street lanes with shades to sell their wares further de-congesting the CBD and at the same time solve the problem of unfair competition meted on shop ownrs by the street hawkers.

Under the leadership of Governor Sakaja, the sports and creative industries have thrived thanks to the acts of the county government to support these multi million industries. The county Government is in the process of re-constructing the Joe Kadenge Stadium (formerly city stadium) and the Woodley Grounds which are earmarked for completion later this year as well as the completion of construction works at the stalled Ultra modern Dandora Stadium. Just last week, Sakaja officially launched an ultra modern Uhuru Sports Complex in Kariobangi South Ward.

The state of the County address was attended by various leaders among them Members of parliament led by Makadara’s George Aladwa, a former Nairobi Mayor who is eyeing the Vihiga governor’s seat in 2027 as well as Members of the Nairobi Cabinet. This is an address, enshrined in law where the governor must address the assembly once per year on the progress that the county administration is taking in the governance of the county. 

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