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Abdirahman Yussuf: Kenyan Communication Expert Amplifying Humanitarian Efforts In Somalia


Apr 3, 2024

Mr. Abdirahman Mohamud Yussuf is more than a journalist; he’s a beacon of hope for communities in Somalia facing adversities after moving to Mogadishu for work from his home city, Nairobi. 

His decision to relocate from his hometown of Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, to Mogadishu, Somalia, was driven by a profound sense of duty and a desire to make a meaningful impact in communities facing adversities. 

In an interview, Yussuf reflecting on his move, stating, “I saw the challenges that Somalia was grappling with, and I felt compelled to lend my skills and expertise to contribute to positive change.”

Yussuf further said, “Mogadishu may be known for its challenges, but it’s also a city brimming with resilience and potential. By immersing myself in the heart of these communities, I aim to amplify their voices and shed light on their struggles, ultimately fostering hope and resilience.” 

With a wealth of experience spanning various media roles, Yussuf has emerged as a leading figure in communication management, leveraging his skills to shed light on pressing issues and drive impactful change.

“Through the lens of communication, we can magnify the voices of those in need, driving real change and hope for communities facing adversity, Mr. Yussuf told this writer. 

He said every story he tell has the power to spark empathy, inspire action, and ultimately, transform lives for the better.

The newsman said together, through effective communication and collaboration, he is aiming to build a brighter future for Somalia, one story at a time. 

He said In Somalia, communication isn’t just a profession; “it’s a lifeline for communities struggling to overcome the challenges of natural disasters and humanitarian crises.” 

“Communication is not just about words; it’s about connecting hearts and minds, rallying support for those who need it most,” added the scribe. 

Mohamud’s journey in Somalia began at Dalsan TV, where he served as an Anchor, News Editor, and Reporter and later it’s Managing Editor.

Transitioning to Russia Today (RT) as a Freelance Reporter, Yussuf continued to excel, enhancing the educational and entertainment value of various programs while adhering to stringent editorial policies. 

His dedication extended beyond the camera, as he diligently conducted post-show reviews, ensuring continuous improvement and audience engagement.

As a Communication Consultant for ADRA International, Yussuf spearheaded efforts to amplify the visibility of education interventions in Somalia. 

Through the production of impactful documentaries and video interviews, he showcased successes, challenges, and aspirations within the education sector, bolstering support on the International Day of Education and beyond.

Yussuf’s commitment to humanitarian causes was further evident during his tenure with Arete Stories, where he collaborated with organizations like the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and The World Food Program (WFP) to highlight the impacts of environmental crises on Somali communities. 

By cultivating partnerships and empowering local storytellers, he facilitated international aid and fostered understanding among global audiences.

With a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Studies from Daystar University, Mohamud’s expertise extends beyond reporting; he’s a strategic thinker and operations manager, adept at identifying strengths, optimizing resources, and driving performance.

Abdirahman Yussuf says he will stand firms in a world plagued by challenges to the power of communication in driving positive change. 

He hopes his efforts will inspire action, ignite empathy, and pave the way for a brighter future in Somalia and beyond.

Mr. Yussuf is also adept at fostering an inspiring work environment that encourages teamwork. He has excelled in managing relations with media houses and stakeholders, generating strategic communication plans, and monitoring communication metrics to ensure the efficacy of his efforts. 

Veteran Journalist Yunis Dekow, a prominent figure in the media landscape covering Kenya and Somalia for over a decade, praised Yussuf’s multifaceted approach to journalism and media engagement, affirming him as a highly regarded voice in addressing pressing issues across the Horn of Africa.

“Yussuf’s commitment to comprehensive journalism and adept media relations has solidified his standing as a respected figure in reporting on the intricate challenges facing our region,” said Mr. Dekow. 

“He navigates through the complexities with precision, delivering nuanced insights that are instrumental in shaping public perception and discourse,” added Mr. Dekow. 

He said the scribes dedication to shedding light on critical issues has undoubtedly contributed to fostering greater awareness and fostering dialogue on the Horn of Africa’s most pressing concerns. 

“In an era marked by misinformation and sensationalism, Yussuf’s steadfast dedication to factual reporting and ethical journalism serves as a beacon of integrity for aspiring journalists and seasoned professionals alike,” he said.

Mr. Yussuf anchors a news bulletin on Dalsan TV. He believes in the power of storytelling to inspire change and build a brighter future for Somalia and its people. Photo/ Courtesy 

Despite facing numerous challenges including censorship, intimidation, and security threats, media outlets persist in providing a platform for diverse voices and perspectives within the country. 

From radio stations broadcasting news and entertainment in various local languages to Television and burgeoning online platforms, Somalia’s media landscape has in recent years showcased divergent voices striving to inform, educate, and empower citizens.

There has been a notable rise in independent journalism and digital media initiatives, offering alternative narratives and investigative reporting on issues ranging from governance and human rights to development and conflict resolution. 

However, the media environment remains precarious, with journalists often facing risks to their safety and freedom of expression.

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