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JW Marriott Nairobi Rude Security Employee Philip Accused Of Harassing Journalists And Asking For Bribes


Mar 26, 2024

JW Marriott recently opened its doors to the public on Tuesday 26th March 2024.The event was filled with pomp and colour with so many different people from the upperclass and all walks of life attending the prestigious event.Unfortunately some employees who have a history of asking for bribes and sexually harassing journalists from previous jobs were present at the event as well.

One of the employees named Phillip is notorious for this behaviour.Not only does he have a history of sexually harassing women but asking for ‘lunch’ in the midst of Kenya’s biting economy.He has been accused in the past of being unprofessional and uncouth and him harassing a journalist is proof that he has not changed his old ways.

The female journalist who is unamed said,”It is very unfortunate to have such an encounter in a hotel I love and refer to my loved ones.As I nurse injuries I appeal to all my friends to stand by me and support me”

She added,”Employers should do a background check on their employees and ensure they are legit.Days of women being emotionally and sexualky harassed are over.”

Several journalists have vowed to stand by their collegue and write damaging articles about the hotel in support of the journalist.Inspite of the ‘me too’ movement being over it is wrong to harass a journalist physically or sexually when they are just doing their job.

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