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Abdi Ali Raghe Emerges as a Strong Candidate for Jubaland’s Presidency


Mar 21, 2024

Abdi Ali Raghe, a seasoned political figure with over 30 years of experience, is emerging as a strong contender for the presidency of Jubaland.

President Ahmed Mohamed Islam Madobe has served as the de facto President of Jubaland since was established following the seizure of Kismayo port by Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) who invaded Somalia in 2011. 

Mr. Raghe is a dual citizen of Kenya and Somalia who holds a master’s degree and has been actively involved in political, social, and security affairs in the region, particularly in Jubaland.

He is known for his pragmatism and forward-thinking approach garnering acceptance from various communities in Jubaland, including the Marehan and Harti clans, transcending clan boundaries.

He is a former senior Political Advisor to the Somali government. Raghe has also played a significant role in the formation of the Jubaland regional state, earning him recognition as a co-founder of the Jubaland Administration.

According to political analyst Dr. Amina Hussein, “Abdi Ali Raghe’s extensive experience in political advisory roles and his proven track record in fostering inclusive governance make him a strong candidate for Jubaland’s presidency. His approach and positive vision for the region resonate well with the current political climate.”

According to his work bio data, the candidate has 30 years of experience as a senior policy advisor and program manager.

Mr. Raghe has demonstrated his leadership abilities in both government and non-profit sectors in Kenya and Somalia.

Raghe has also been dedicated to humanitarian efforts in Jubaland for three decades. This has earned him respect as a compassionate leader committed to uplifting vulnerable communities.

Halima Ahmed, a resident of Jubaland and someone who has witnessed Abdi Ali Raghe’s impact firsthand, said she believe he embodies the qualities of a visionary leader. 

“He is acceptable by diverse communities in Jubaland, irrespective of clan affiliations. This reflects his ability to unite people towards a common goal of progress and development,” she said. 

A former Presidential Candidate of the State, in a disputed election won by Madobe, he has shown positive vision for Somalia and Jubaland’s state-building journey. 

This has resonated with citizens and international stakeholders alike, positioning him as a credible advocate for Jubaland’s interests.

International relations scholar Prof. Sarah Abdi remarked, “Abdi Ali Raghe’s ability to maintain strong relationships with both the Federal Government of Somalia and international stakeholders underscores his diplomatic finesse. 

“His capacity to advocate for Jubaland’s interests on the global stage positions him as a credible leader capable of navigating complex geopolitical landscapes.”

Raghe maintenance strong relationships with the Federal Government of Somalia and international communities including neighboring Kenya, a key requirement to effectively represent Jubaland’s interests on the global stage.

Security expert Ahmed Jama said considering Abdi Ali Raghe’s deep understanding of security dynamics in Jubaland and his strategic insights, he is well-equipped to address the region’s security challenges. 

“His decades-long commitment to humanitarian efforts showcases his dedication to the well-being of the people of Jubaland,” he added. 


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