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Chris Brown Sells 45k Debuts At Number 9 On The Billboard Hot 200


Mar 20, 2024

Chris Brown recently released his album 1111. A few weeks ago, it debuted at number 9 and sold 45,000 units with 6,000 in pure sales first week, making it his 12th album to crack the top 10.

This marks the lowest debut for a Chris Brown album on the Billboard Hot 200.The albums lead singles were Sensational, which has been considered by critics to be an absolute smash. Other lead singles from the album were Nightmares and Summers Too Hot.

His previous album released in 2022 titled Breezy, sold 72,000 copies with 5,000 in pure sales, 20,000 copies more than this album.Chris Brown has always been expected to fill the shoes of Michael Jackson. They are very similar in their career trajectory.Chris Brown can dance really well.He can sing and he’s super versatile very similar to Michael Jackson.He has also done every genre on the planet and has performed exceptionally in them. Michael Jackson was like this too. He was never afraid to try any genre and thrive in it.They both didn’t have the best shot at succeeding in the industry because they were black but they thrived in it.

Chris Brown however has really suffered from declining sales in the last few years, this is because of his domestic violence scandals. We all know that Chris Brown has a lot of scandals that plague him, regarding abuse of women.It all began falling apart when he hit Rihanna in the late 2009 on their way to an award show.This caused a huge scandal that Chris Brown has never been abpe to live down

Chris Brown was charged,went to court and was given community service
however the court of public opinion is very unforgiving and they have never really been able to forgive him for this mistake.It also doesn’t really help that he has gotten into more domestic violence cases since then even after this situation.Because his core fan base and demographic are women, a section of his fan base decided to boycott his music leading to a huge decline in sales.

In my opinion, Chris Brown is his own best enemy and because of this the genral public and his core fan base and stopped supporting him and purchasing his music.This is why his sales have been declining as the years have gone by.

Chris has to learn that at the end of the day, you have to respect your fans because they are the only people who purchase your music ride for you, stick it out with you and support you.Hopefully Chris Brown will turn things around so that his legacy is not tainted by domestic violence.


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