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Kaizen Founder Catherine Kibuchi Says Martial Arts Is The Future


Mar 7, 2024

How long have you been doing martial arts?I have been doing martial arts since I was young.I decided to start Kaizen as a way to empower women.We are having different joint trainings and when we call joint training in martial arts, we mean
we bring all martial female martial artists together to train on basics.I think some of them you have been able to see here.
So they train on basics.After training on basics, we have conversation with different stakeholders,aligning to the SDGs, which is sustainable development goals.
We are mainly focused on financial inclusion, mental wellness and female health, which is includes ending
menstrual shame, as well as appreciating
women who are mothers in martial arts,
which is going to be our mother’s day special,we are going to be addressing the challenges that women face as mothers in martial arts.

How do you support women through martial arts?As a federation country we ensure that they pass through their sports in martial arts?We have two kinds of registrations Individual and group registration.For individual registrations you can do it on our website, which is www.kaisenmashealatscania.org.
So that the portal is open now,now all athletes can be able to register.We have different federations, for instance like Power Club.During the matches on19th to the 21st,we are going to be allowing spectators to come, and actually witness what martial arts is all about,
witness how these women have grown,
and just witness how these women are showcasing their arts in pride, in confidence, and in a space that they feel appreciated during the tournament, just which is 19 to the 21st.

How much are you going to be charging?
We are going to be charging a small spectator fee.We will be charging 500 one day and 1,000 for the two days.

How many federations do you have?
We have currently seven federations
that we have partnered with in running this.We are hoping next year,
the number of federations will grow,
and we are still calling upon federations to come join us,especially those who practice martial arts.We have reached out to different federations.There is also that challenge that most federations don’t have women.Many federations don’t have female athletes but tonight, we have seven federations represented.
Is this the first time we are holding this event?So this is our first edition in 2024.
This is our first edition of bringing all different martial artists together from different disciplines.However,we have been holding small tournaments for women in Karate only.Now, we want to expand it and ensure that we are able to cover all women in martial arts not only in Karate.

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