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How Nyeko Joseph Churchill Is Transforming The Agricultural Sector In Uganda


Mar 7, 2024

Tell us a bit about yourself:I am Nyeko Joseph Churchil.I am a 26 year old entrepreneur from Uganda.I have created a machine that helps farmers dry food in order to preserve it longer.

When did you develop this technology?I developed this technology in 2021 and so far I have sold 33 of them to farmers in Uganda. I have raised about 7000 USD from it so,they come in different sizes now 15 to 30 kg capacity, 80 kg capacity and 100 to 300 kg capacity.

Do you also plan to target other markets as well? Yes we plan to target food vendors this year.We want to install it in all markets.

Are you planning to create more models? Yes we want to create a different model.
We want to create a caravan drier this year.A drier that is comfortable for farmers.If they have it on their farms they don’t need to transport food to be dried they can just do it on their farms and afterwards they can take it to the market.

Are the driers already in the market? Yes I’ve branded them and they are ready for sale.When the farmer goes to the market with an added value product they are very sure that the product can sell for a higher price and might even be preserved for longer instead of being pressed by a buyer or to sell it at a lower price so, we help them increase their profits.

What is your goal for farmers?We want to improve their standard of living and improve the shelf life of their products.Most farmers stay in the cycle of poverty and we want to break that.

How many machines have you sold so far?33 units this year alone.

For those, who might be interested in buying how much are you selling them for? The 15 to 30 kg capacity goes for 1.2 million.

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