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Jason Derulo Sells 12k First Week Debuts At Number 82


Mar 6, 2024

Jason Derulo recently released his album Nu king.It debuted at number 82 on the Billboard Hot 200 selling 12,000 first week.This is a huge decline from his previous album that was released almost a decade ago.It sold 22000 copies first week.

I believe that the reason his first week sales declined is because he has been doing the same kind of music for a very long time.He’s very good at making TikTok songs and has branded himself as a tiktok artist moving away from his image as a hiphop/rnb artist.

During his rnb/hiphop era he was considered to be very successful but shifted his brand in the mid 2010s to a dance tik tok artist.

Tiktok songs have became so successful because of its fun and catchy nature garnering millions of views on multiple platforms.I don’t see him changing his genre anytime soon because it is very profitable and if its not broken dont fix it.I feel like he’s really good at what he does and doesn’t want to rock the boat.

He’s focused on songs that will go viral and that can easily sell.Songs that are really memorable and easy to sing.Fun songs that are catchy and easily digestable.
When people mention tiktok artists Jason automatically comes to mind.This has made him predictable and put him in a box.

He lost part of his core audience when he chose to do more TikTok tracks and appeal to the younger generation.In the beginning Jason had an R&B hip-hop fanbase and as time went by he slowly lost touch with this fanbase embracing a new fanbase in the process.He’s focusing on releasing music that can easily sell and make a lot of money.Songs that are easy to go viral and make dances to.

When we hear Jason Derulo we already know how he will sound like.His music doesnt have any surprise element but can easily go viral.

His new album sold 500K because he included singles from 2017 onwards.During this period he had some amazing viral moments
that his songs have garnered millions of streams.When added to his album it was certified gold with 500K units sold.However I would like to see him explore different genres and be more versatile.

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