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Senator Asige Unveils New Song “Tattoo” Exploring Life’s Hardships, Challenges

Following the release of her highly praised project in November 2023, the “Blinding Allure mixtape,” Senator Crystal Asige has unveiled her latest single and accompanying music video from her upcoming mixtape, “Blinding Allure II,” with the lead single titled “Tattoo.”

Tattoo” explores the theme of life’s hardships and challenges, urging listeners to transform their vulnerabilities into artistic expressions that reflect their journey.

Senator Crystal Asige describes the music video as a visual representation of embracing one’s scars and using them as a canvas for personal growth. She emphasizes the importance of channeling everyday experiences into creative outlets that resonate with others.

The release of “Tattoo” coincides with a significant moment in Kenya, as women spearhead a powerful campaign against violence towards women. Senator Asige has been actively involved in grassroots activism, advocating for women’s rights and leading initiatives to combat femicide.

She initiated a symbolic gesture among women parliamentarians to wear black instead of red on Valentine’s Day, as a gesture of solidarity with victims of gender-based violence. This was followed by a night vigil concert at the University of Nairobi to raise awareness about the issue.

Senator Asige further amplified her advocacy by introducing a motion in Parliament addressing the alarming rise in femicide cases, condemning these acts as “barbaric” and demanding urgent action to address the crisis.

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In addition to her activism, Senator Asige showcases her musical talent by blending chakacha and hip-hop elements in “Tattoo,” infusing each lyric with genuine emotion and showcasing her unique vocal technique.

“Tattoo” offers a glimpse into the upcoming mixtape “Blinding Allure II” and is available now for listeners to enjoy.


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