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“We Will Find A Way To Control Public Debt!” Ndindi Nyoro Says


Feb 8, 2024

Ndindi Nyoro today chaired the budget commitee where members of parliament proposed their budgets for various projects they have been assigned to.Members of parliament from different areas and from different walks of life came together before committee chair Ndindi Nyoro to state their cases.

One of the proposals from Kisii member of parliament is to make financial boards independent and also to control public debt.

According to members of the commitee auditing and pending bills boards should be independent and should not be under any ministry or government body.

Kisii MP said,”It is important to make financial boards in the country independent so that they can work without any influence.”

He added,”I have worked in accounting for a very long time and I understand the importance of autonomy and independence.”

They proposed a three year timeline to make the boards that handle financial matters independent looking to emulate countries like Tanzania and Rwanda.

They also tackled registration of births and deaths and urged interior officials to add more centres in marginalized areas so that people dont have to travel so far to be able to access these documents.

The officials insisted that the minister of interior is underfunded and should be given more funding to be able to reach those who are not able to travel to the centres for one reason or another.


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