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Makongeni MCA on the Spot over Hostility, Intimidation to Executive Staffs

Staff at City Hall a  are worried lot, disturbed and operating under very difficult conditions and hostile environment courtesy of blackmail, intimidations and threats meted upon them by political figures in the Assembly and from known and unknown masqueraders.

Things got out of hand when senior staff in the security and compliance department were victimized and discharged from duties arbitrarily only to be reinstated back after huge cry and protestation from civil society groups People and the general public.

The onslaught that is orchestrated by senior County Assembly members has been going on for a while with some of the executive officers having raised the issue with governor Sakaja.

Our investigations indicate that the cartel is now targeting senior officers at the built environment and planning sector.

The dangerous cartel is led by Peter Anyule Imwatok who is the majority leader and representative of Makongeni ward.

Imwatok is serving his third consecutive term and had become one of the most feared cartel leader at the county.

The cartel has hived a way of harassing, intimidating,  blackmailing and threatening key figures in departments.

The plot is to have the officers to submit  either by way of resignation, retirement and or compliance with the solely purpose of taking control of the department to create ease of advancing clandestine dealings.

The position for the Leader of majority Party/coalition created under section 10(1) of the County Government Act 2012 is vested with responsibility to spearhead the legislative agenda of his or her Party/Coalition in the Assembly and act as a link between the Party and the executive but not to superintendent staff of the executive in the deceitful manner and fashion.

Complaints are abound that Imwatok has been making phone calls, summoning Officers and making crazy demands, case in point is when he called and summoned Mr S G Mwangi CECM and a Mr Kiptum, Head Dagoretti North Sub County threatening them with unspecified action on an issue of development within lavington area quotes an quotes, “ni mambo gani nimesikia hapo lavington kwa bibi yangu mdogo, munatataka niharibu” quiped Imwatok, ” hapana Simba sisi ni wazee usiharibu maneno hutengenezwa” quiped SG, unataka nikuje kwako ama ukuje kwa ofisi” quiped Imwatok whom was heard in another recorded conversation telling an Officer, ” wacha kuniambia unakuja kwangu na chenye utapata, kama hauna millioni mbili usikuje, hii wikendi nitahost Baba kwangu makongeni kwa finali ya mpira” 

It emerged that CECM S.G. Mwangi later obeyed the summon and went to Imwatoks office but he was attending an adhoc committee meeting after which he left for lunch in the company of 2 ODM MCAs in a bid to strick the deal outside Assembly precincts.

The aforesaid nature of events is what many staff members have been going through and continues to experience although they have remained naive to understand that they are protected by the Law and that it is not an easy task to have them subjected into suspension, expulsion and dismissal without without justifiable reasons.

Imwatok and team have been using oversight committees to intimidate and extort money from county officers.

While the committe sessions are heated and tough,the reports end up being diluted upon submission by the county executive.

Meanwhile some cityhall officers are living in fear over an fear and are on 24/7 police trail, as per our investigations  the officers include, Asha Abdi, Kevin Musamia who is a clerical officer, Mohamed Bashir deputy director trade, Nairobi City County Assembly Speaker Ken Ng’ondi, Finance Budget and Economic Planning Committee Chairman Wilfred Odalo and Head of Procurement Richard Mogoko.
Others are Kevin Musamia, Vivian Mavua, Ambrose Musau, Vivian Mavua, Beth Muthoni, Denis Muia, Brian Oyando, live high end lifestyle, with state-of-the-art-houses and nice looking cars. 
There is also Stephen Mafura, Mary Maina Wangui girlfriend to former acting county secretary Jairus Musumba, Peter Gitau from procurement, untouchable Caroline Mwangi who normally calls shorts at assembly leadership.

DPP is yet to give an okay over some officers who are supposed to be prosecuted. 


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