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Justus Wabuyabo:Revolutionizing The Nuclear Sector In Africa


Jan 16, 2024

Nupea CEO Justus Wabuyabo is known today as one of the most influential CEOs in modern Kenya.

Having been in coveted leadership positions before Mr.Wabuyabo is a down to earth guy who has proven beyond any reasonable doubt that he is the best man to head the nuclear sector.

So much faith has been bestowed upon him by the president and stakeholders to spearhead this new sector and propel it to unimaginable heights.

In an exclusive interview he told us,”I never thought one day I would be a CEO.I am very grateful to all my mentors and everyone who stood by me.”

He added,”My father is my biggest inspiration because he taught me everything I know today.He instilled in me values that have led me to be who I am.He is the man responsible for my success.”

Mr Wabuyabo has a good track record when it comes to leadership.We believe that he will not only pioneer the nuclear sector but establish Kenya as one of the top nuclear hubs in Africa.


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