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Stephen Sangolo:A County Commissioner Making A Difference In The Lives Of Baringo Residents


Dec 19, 2023

By Lindah Kiyeng

Baringo county commissioner Stephen Sangolo has done an impressive job handling bandits since the bandit attacks that took place a few months ago.

Banditry has been a menace in Baringo county with many losing not only their livestock but their lives in the process.

Many people suggest that the banditry incidents were caused by high powered politicians who supply the locals with firearms and take the livestock of locals by force.

Livestock is a way of life in Baringo as many residents are pastrolists who depend and sustain themselves through livestock keeping and farming.

Livestock is also a way to show wealth among pastrolists and the more cattle one has the more he is respected in the community.This is the reason why they have large herds of cattle which the bandits target and steal.

Thanks to Stephen Sangolo banditry and loss of lives has stopped.He was assigned to the county because he is one of the top officers in this country.Many know him to be very competent in his job and he has proven beyond any reasonable doubt that he is the right man for the job.

Under his watch life has resumed back to normal with many who fled the county going back home.Students have resumed their studies and life seems to be better than ever.

Today Baringo is a new Baringo with livestock farming slowly picking up the pace after a very dark period.Many feel a new found confidence in Mr.Sangolo and believe it is a new dawn for Baringo county.

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