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One On One With Top CEO Kenneth Chelule


Dec 6, 2023

Mr Chelule is considered to be one of the àbest CEOs In East Africa

Mr Chelule is considered to be one of the best CEOs In East Africa.His leadership and management skills stand out and most CEOs consider him a leader in his field.

Having started as a departmental head Mr Chelule proved beyond any reasonable doubt that he could stand on his own.

Through his leadership his department was considered to be the most efficient and successful.It wasn’t long before he was promoted to be the CEO of SEZA.His role as CEO is to ensure that Kenyans are empowered and have business and employment opportunities through the special economic zones.

This comes as there is a looming economic and employment crisis in the country.The economic environment in the country isnt doing so well and with countless youth graduating without jobs.

In his docket Mr Chelule is expected to save the day not only ensuring the special economic zones favour entrepreneurs but graduates as well.

In a recent interview he stated,”Because of the depreciating dollar we have few dollars circulating on our economy.This is not a good sign.”

He added,”I want us to expand our manufacturing sector so that we can export more goods and employ more people.”

Many people believe that Mr Chelule is the right man for the job and with his leadership skills he will be able to save Kenya from a looming crisis.


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