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Unity Amidst Division: Governor Sakaja’s Resilience in the Face of Covert Political Maneuvers


Nov 15, 2023

Embakasi North Member of Parliament James Mwangi Gakuya

The political landscape of Nairobi has been rife with tensions as allegations and divisive rhetoric come into play. Amidst this, Governor Sakaja continues to navigate the challenges of leadership, promoting unity in the face of divisive politics.

Mp. Embakasi North James Gakuya, who has declared his interest in the Nairobi County United Democratic Alliance Party Chairmanship, has been at the forefront of this tension. He has accused Sakaja of sidelining the Gikuyu community, a claim that appears to be more of a political maneuver to garner sympathy votes than a reflection of the Governor’s actions.

Adding a layer of complexity is the covert role of Deputy Governor James Muchiri. Also from Gakuya’s community, Muchiri is alleged to be secretly working towards impeaching Governor Sakaja, further stirring the political pot.

Nairobi City County Chief Officer Revenue Administration Wilson Gakuya

However, these allegations come under scrutiny when considering Gakuya’s own familial ties. His brother serves as the Director of Revenue in the Nairobi County Government, a position that has been under scrutiny due to current revenue gaps. This raises questions about whether Gakuya’s criticisms are designed to deflect attention from potential issues closer to home.

In a recent development, the County Assembly Minority Leadership was irregularly removed from office. The ousted Minority Leader and Minority Whip accused Deputy Governor Muchiri in a press conference of holding several meetings in Karen with Minority Members of the Nairobi County Assembly who are from the Gikuyu Community. They allege Muchiri of inciting them to fight Governor Sakaja and work on his impeachment. They also claimed of a target on close allies of Sakaja, evidenced by the recent abduction of Osman Khalif, an advisor to the Governor. Five days later, Osman remains missing.

Muchiri is also alleged to be part of a wider syndicate that is fighting to control the Revenue and Planning Department. The recent increase in his security detail, surpassing that of the Governor’s, has raised eyebrows.

Through all these challenges, Governor Sakaja remains steadfast in his commitment to unity and good governance, focusing on policies that benefit all Nairobians, regardless of their tribal affiliations.

As Nairobi moves towards the upcoming UDA elections and beyond, it is crucial for its citizens to critically examine the motivations behind these political maneuvers. The hope remains that unity, peace, and good governance will triumph over division and political scheming.

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