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Optiven to celebrate 24-Year Remarkable Journey


Oct 12, 2023
In August of 1999, a remarkable journey began when George Wachiuri and his brother Charles Muraguri dared to dream of starting a business.

In August of 1999, a remarkable journey began when George Wachiuri and his brother Charles Muraguri dared to dream of starting a business.

Their inspiration came from their uncle, the successful entrepreneur Nemesis Warugongo, who was at the helm of the thriving viz  Optimax.

While their initial vision was far from crystal clear, it seems that destiny had bigger plans in store. Unbeknownst to them, Optiven was destined to become a sanctuary for over 600 employees and more than 1,000 casual workers, serving communities across 30 counties within the Republic of Kenya.

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The journey from 1999 until today has been nothing short of extraordinary. The seed that was planted—Optiven—has grown into a household name, not only in Kenya but worldwide. In just this year alone, the company has made its mark in over 100 cities, promoting Optiven and the investment opportunities within Kenya.

But the story doesn’t end there. George Wachiuri, the dynamic CEO, has been crisscrossing the United States, visiting more than ten states, and has recently ventured across more than twenty towns in the United Kingdom. What’s next on his global itinerary? He has ambitious plans to conquer eight European countries before the year’s end.

The Optiven journey of 24 years serves as an inspiring beacon for entrepreneurs across Africa. The founders themselves have emerged from humble beginnings, facing poverty and adversity in their early years.

This remarkable journey is encapsulated in George Wachiuri’s best-selling book, “Soaring like an Eagle,” with 100% of its proceeds dedicated to charitable causes. They’ve not only overcome hardship but have embraced the mission to give back.

The anticipation is building as Optiven gears up to celebrate its 24th birthday on December 9, 2023. Customers and supporters will gather for an unforgettable event at Optiven’s Mega facility in Kitengela, the GMC Funplace ( www.funplace.co.ke).

For those curious about the secret sauce that has fueled Optiven’s enduring success, all answers can be found on George Wachiuri’s YouTube channel. The secrets to their resilience and triumph over adversity are just a click away.

As Optiven reaches this significant milestone of 24 years of community transformation, we join in celebration and offer our heartfelt prayers.

For more information and to be a part of their noble causes, visit their websites: www.optivenfoundation.org, www.optiven.co.ke, and www.georgewachiuri.com.

e pray for Optiven as they celebrate 24 years of impacting communities



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