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Sakaja Super Cup set to enliven Nairobi’s football fields


Sep 15, 2023

The first edition of the Nairobi Governor Sakaja Super Cup is set to kickoff this September with registration open for the tournament that is expected to attract over four hundred football clubs in this thrilling tournament.

A spectacular football extravaganza which is set to enliven Nairobi’s football fields; the anticipation is building up as the tournament gears up to take the Nairobi football scene by storm. With registration now open, over four hundred football clubs are expected to sign up to participate in this thrilling tournament.

Scheduled to kick off on September 30th and culminate on December 16th, the Sakaja Super Cup promises to be an unprecedented football festival that will captivate the city like never before. This remarkable event is proudly sponsored by the Johnson Sakaja Foundation in partnership with the Nairobi City County Government and the Football Kenya Federation Nairobi branch.

The tournament is exclusively designed for grassroots teams, aiming to provide a platform for local talent to shine and showcase their skills. As such, teams from the Football Kenya Federation Premier League, National Super League, and National Division One League are not eligible to participate, ensuring that the spotlight remains on the grassroots football community.

The Sakaja Super Cup is set to transform Nairobi’s football fields into vibrant arenas of competition, camaraderie, and excitement. With teams from various neighborhoods and communities vying for glory, the tournament promises to be a celebration of the city’s rich football culture and the passion that drives these grassroots teams.

The Johnson Sakaja Foundation, known for its commitment to youth empowerment and community development, recognizes the immense potential that exists in the youth and aims at promoting the youth development through sports and talent development.

Organisers of the Sakaja Super Cup aim at building on the talent that exists within the grassroots football scene by organizing the tournament which will provide a platform for these aspiring footballers to showcase their abilities and gain recognition.

The partnership with the Nairobi City County Government and the Football Kenya Federation Nairobi branch further emphasizes the collective effort to support and nurture grassroots football in the city. This collaboration ensures that the tournament receives the necessary resources, infrastructure and administrative support to make it a resounding success.

The tournament will feature thrilling matches, showcasing the raw talent and determination of these grassroots teams. From the electrifying atmosphere in the stands to the skillful displays on the field, the Sakaja Super Cup promises to be an unforgettable experience for all involved.

As the countdown begins, football enthusiasts and supporters eagerly await the kickoff of the Sakaja Super Cup. The stage is set, the teams are ready, and Nairobi’s football fields are about to witness an extraordinary spectacle that will leave a lasting impact on the city’s football landscape.

Teams have been encouraged to pick their registration forms from City Hall Annexe 11th floor.

According to the Governor’s liaison officer Osman Khalif, the tournament is aimed at providing Nairobi youth with an opportunity to exploit their talent which is a way of creating employment.

“As the registration process commences, football clubs across Nairobi are eagerly signing up to secure their spot in this prestigious tournament. The Sakaja Super Cup is not just about the competition; it is a celebration of the spirit of football, unity, and community. It is an opportunity for players, coaches, and fans to come together, forge new friendships, and create lasting memories,” Khalif said.

 Football Kenya Federation national executive member for Nairobi Michael Majua thanked Governor Sakaja for organizing the tournament noting that such initiatives will go a long way in further building on the ambitious plan by FKF to create opportunities for football players in Nairobi for them to develop their football careers.

“This is a welcome move by Governor Sakaja because the tournament will impact greatly on the growth of football in Nairobi and I want to thank the Sakaja foundation for starting this inaugural tournament. It will help our youths to develop their football careers and from this we can have the next stars,” Majua said.

Nairobi County Government Chief Officer for Sports Talents, Skills Development and Care Oscar Igaida has assured football clubs that the County government is committed to offer the necessary support to the Sakaja foundation for the organizing of the tournament.

“This is a tournament that is organised by the Sakaja foundation. I want to assure all clubs that the county government will support the foundation even as I reiterate that the county government is only partnering with the Sakaja foundation. The county is prepared to support the tournament and clubs are encouraged to collect registration forms from City Hall Annexe 11th floor to get ready for this extravaganza,” Igaida said.


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