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Syokimau Slayqueen who Uses Witchcraft, Sex to Manipulate Men


Sep 14, 2023 , ,

The saying hard times call for tough measures has been used in many ways by those who understand the craft of maneuvering difficult economic terrain.

For one Pamela Muthui, a middle aged woman who stays in Syokimau, use of witchcraft and sexual escapades is the order of the day on her menu.

She occasionally quarrels with her baby daddy over her behavior but claims she will do anything for her child.

Her plans have mysteriously paid off given the number of top of the range  high end cars that pich and drop her home.

Her conditions for men who want to sample her juicy morsel are money and big cars.

“She sleeps with any man so long as his pocket is heavy and promises big. She pretends to be a church going but on her waist is a charm of reeds enriched with witchcraft to lure men especially those married,” a neighbor who has taken time to follow her engagements revealed.

But it has not all been rosy because she is dealing with moneyed married men.

Recently she received test of her own medicine when she was apprehended by a lady who accused her of sleeping with her husband.

It is difficult to understand why Pamela is doing this yet she works at East African Portland Cement. Insider reports at the company indicate that she has slept with every man to get to where she is and benefits from unending internal organized trips. 
A source at the facility who sought anonymity said that the lady brags that she comes from Kitui where ‘witchcraft originated’ and says that she is untouchable since she has powerful connections.

According to the source from the cement company, Pamela brags of her brother Moses Muthui who works as a finance officer at ABSA bank.

“She knows how to use her body well. She brags a lot. There was a time she was battling an imminent sack a friend said she used witchcraft and numerous sex offers to the bosses to save her job,” she said 
According to the WhatsApp and messages in our possession, Pamela seems to be enjoying big offers from well-known men in the Kenyan political space and private sectors. She knows how to communicate and seduce men. 

Her elder brother who according to our source drives high end cars and has built several houses from corruption dealings including the Eurobond saga where he was mentioned alongside former Treasury CS Henry Rotich, former Head of Public Service Joseph Kinyua, former Treasury PS Kamau Thugge and former CBK Governor Njuguna Ndung’u. 
Others in the list were Accountant General Bernard Ndung’u, CBK’s acting Financial Markets Director John Birech and Patrick Kamau.

Apparently, he is also on the radar of investigative agencies over suspected theft of millions of shillings from the bank. 

He was prominently mentioned in the ongoing Sh 1.5 billion saga involving transport firm New Mega Africa Limited where one of the other suspects named Wycliff Makori has allegedly been compromised to be the key witness. 

According to screenshot texts and emails in our possession it shows that Mr. Muthui who refers to himself as Mr. knows it all, harasses his juniors and says that he has his bosses in his pocket and no one can do anything. 
One of the bank staff who also sought anonymity said that several clients have written emails concerning the way he mistreats them and the corruption dealings including siphoning money of the dead people through bank and  SIM card swapping deals but no action has been taken against him. 
“The guy is so rude. He behaves as if he owns the universe. People have connections but that is not the way. He hates and harasses women so badly. But we only leave it to God.” Our source said.

It is not surprising that his sister has adopted the same strategy only that she has gone a notch higher to include sex offers to rich men in exchange of money.


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