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KRA Man with Irresistible Love for Money and Women in Trouble over Assault


Sep 14, 2023 , , ,

A Kenya Revenue Authority who has a history of blackmailing women and using his connections within the criminal justice system is on the verge of losing his family after allegedly assaulting his wife.

The Shanzu Magistrate Court in Mombasa found it hard to understand why public prosecutors were pushing for an out of court settlement yet the office had registered and approved charges against Norman Oduor Adong.

He is alleged to have committed the crime on September 1 at one of their residences in Nyali, Mombasa.

Norman, according to our sources, has a brother who works as a criminal investigation officer in Eldoret and numerous friends in the DPPs office.

He is a man well known for his love for high end cars, young beautiful women and only drinks in expensive social joints at the Coast and whenever he visits Nairobi.

The guy according to a man who formerly worked with him brags of having several assets in Mombasa and Mombasa and Nairobi.

His dealings at KRA saw him build a multimillion house within one month to the shock of many of his friends.

Attempts by the current regime to reform KRA and weed out corrupt officers have not done much to stop Norman and his network of cartels who have understood how to manipulate the system.

Corrupt politicians and company CEO’s often consult him on how to evade payment of tax without being caught by detectives. Such deals have helped him accumulate wealth within a short period of time.

Most of his fortune came between 2017 and 2022 under the handshake regime where many tax evasion cases were reported.

According to our source, Norman has severally camouflaged himself as a National Intelligence Officer whenever he wants to get classified information for blackmail and intimidation.

But his current assault case against the wife could give opportunity to the public to know his real ways of doing things.

While he denied the allegations and got released on Sh30,000 bond plus a similar amount of surety or an alternative cash bail of Sh10,000, the case won’t be easy as he may think given the fact that the wife has said no to any talks outside the court.

The wife, Maureen Guoma, was represented by senior counsel Jared Magolo and as per court hearings, Norman is also alleged to have stolen Sh21,000 from her phone before taking other properties from the house and a further Sh18,000 in cash. 
When he realized that the wife had reported the matter to the police he is said to have refunded the money through another person.

The DPP had a difficult time asking the court to allow the suspect’s plea deferred for 30 days to allow for the parties to settle the matter out of court using an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanism.

The wife through laywer Magolo raised concerns over the DPP’s application, saying the victim was not consulted and there was no attempt to contact her.

He questioned why officers, who are supposed to protect victims, were forcing her into a reconciliation meeting.
“The decision was done without consulting the complainant,” Magolo claimed.

He raised questions as to why the investigating officers had informed his client that the plea was scheduled for Tuesday, September 12, yet they had planned it to take place on Monday, September 11.

She further argued that taking of plea was going to prejudice the office as such assault matters do not attract so much attention from the parties and the media.

Adong through his advocates had argued that he was ready to resolve the matter out of court for the sake of their children.

Shanzu Senior Principal Magistrate Yusuf Shikanda would hear none and instead demanded that the prosecution team explain how the office will be prejudiced if the suspect takes a plea on Tuesday.

Shikanda said the prosecution’s request for mediation does not hold water because the complainant was not ready for negotiations and ADR cannot be forced.

The matter will come back on November 23 but our investigations indicate that the helpless Norman has been pleading to the wife through friends and family members to drop the case.

It is not clear whether the wife will give in but sources close to her indicate that she has become tired of the endless battles with the husband.

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