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How Mcharo Mwalugha Is Positively Changing The Agriculture&Livestock Sector In Taita Taveta


Sep 14, 2023

Mcharo Mwalugha has proven that he has outstanding leadership and management skills.

Mr Mcharo Mwalugha represented Taita Taveta county at the indigenous food conference at Windsor Hotel& Golf Club last month.The purpose of the conference was to encourage members of the public to embrace and consume indigenous food.

Mr Mwalugha emphasized on the importance of eating indigenous food and addressed the rising concern of obesity in the country.

He said,”I would like to encourage people in my county to embrace and consume indigenous food because it is good for our health.”

He added,”We also need to introduce indigenous food to our children early in life.We need to teach them its importance and encourage them to embrace it.”

Mr Mwalugha has proven to be a great leader because he was once an MCA.In his tenure people loved his way of doing things and his ability to build rapport with members of the public.

His humility and management skills make him stand out as a leader and now that he is in the county government of Taita Taveta as the cco for agriculture and livestock he is expected to shake things up and take things to the next level.


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