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How Interns at City Hall are Making Millions from Taxpayers Money


Sep 8, 2023 ,

A new trend has emerged at Nairobi City County where interns are being used by seasoned staff to loot millions of taxpayer’s money as well as take bribes from unsuspecting contractors and suppliers.

We have established that interns at the finance department are strategically scouted and recruited to aid senior officers in looting.

The interns, as per insider revelations, are given passwords belonging to retirees to demand bribes going up to Ksh 500,000 for invoicing.

One of the interns is Vivian Mavua who is sharp and beautifull and her close ties with senior officers have left tongues wagging.

The other interns include Beth Muthoni who has adopted canning tricks to balance the books, Dennis Mwanzia Muia, Brian Oyando (former accountant trade), Dan Mshanga (former accountant environment), Mary Maina among others who does the dirty work.

They have together amassed millions, bought high end cars and modern day apartments within the capital city.

Their biggest protector is the Chief Finance Officer Asha Abdi who has played a huge role in helping them understand how to play smart, loot and walk away scot free.

They take advantage because they are very close to chief finance officer Asha Abdi. 

Asha has always been misled by one Mohamed Ibrahim (staff at trade department), but luckily enough notorious Stephen Mafura who is in bed with interns like Vivian has been removed 

The other chief protector to the interns is the lavishly living Chief of Staff David Njoroge, Ms Suzanne Silantoi the health CECM.

All the above officers are close allies to Governor Sakaja with some reports linking Asha Abdi to suspected romantic engagements with the city boss.

Sakaja’s close allies including his chief of staff David Njoroge alias Davy, Asha Abdi, Priscilla Mahinda Chief officer Office of the Governor have bought lucrative houses in Kileleshwa, Runda among other areas.

Ms Priscilla Mahinda is believed to be recruiting several cityhall female staff including interns into strange relationships. The interns are always secretly flown to workshops and foreign trips for sexual orgies at the expense of the taxpayer’s money.

Mr Njoroge, Asha, Priscilla and some of the interns are on the radar of the Director of Criminal Investigations and EACC over suspicious dubious payments and extortion of suppliers chasing their payments.

The interns for instance are believed to be running proxy companies operating as startups where quick tenders are floated, awarded and paid in record time.

The quick deals attract amounts ranging from Ksh 500,000 to Ksh 2 million and attract little attention from the auditors. But it’s the frequency of these deals that has helped them buy high end cars and apartments in the leafy suburbs.

We have in our possession records of communication Dan Mshanga is being directed by suppliers and other senior county officials to make approvals of hot air supplies. 

The development underlines what City Hall has become despite the existence of a new administration that promised zero tolerance to corruption.

The interns in this case have been recruited into the game and it is expected that they will soon be absorbed as permanent employees once the opportunity arises

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