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Nairobi Disability Caucus Asks The Government To Allocate More Resources For People With Disability


Aug 25, 2023

People with disability go through alot and should be considered and included in the education system.

The education reform released in 2023 has captured aspects of inclusive education and has provisions to make sure there is inclusion in education.

This inclusion is the right step to make sure that people living with disabilities have been included in the education system.

There needs to be sufficient resources to help incorporate people living with disabilities this means that teachers need to be trained well so that they can deal with children with special needs.

A spokesperson said,”The education policy needs to include everyone including children living with disability.When allocating the budget children living with disability need to be included as well so that their need see catered for.”

He added,”In the report there are parts that exclude us.We ask humbly that resources be allocated for children living with disability.”

They added children living with disability can accomplish above and beyond what we can imagine and they should be given a fighting chance.


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