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End of the Road for Corrupt Nairobi Pending Bills Cartel Facilitator Lydia Kwamboka


Aug 16, 2023

Former Nairobi County Attorney Implicated in Graft Syndicate, Sabotaging Anti-Corruption Efforts In a shocking revelation, former Nairobi County Attorney Lydia Kwamboka has been exposed as a key member of a cartel allegedly involved in massive corruption and sabotage of anti-graft initiatives. This has raised concerns about the integrity of the Nairobi County Government and its fight against corruption under Governor Johnson Sakaja. Kwamboka, who was recently removed from her position by Governor Sakaja, is accused of being part of a network that siphoned billions of shillings from public coffers and obstructed justice. She is believed to have played a central role in the ballooning of pending legal service bills from less than two billion shillings to a staggering 21 billion shillings during her tenure. The allegations against Kwamboka include practicing nepotism, blatant conflict of interest, and inflating legal bills. It’s claimed that she pre-qualified her own legal firm, Maina Njenga & Kwamboka Advocates, to receive payments for services allegedly not rendered to the county government. The firm reportedly received over 300 million shillings in legal fees payments over successive regimes. Governor Sakaja has been dedicated to combating corruption within the county government, but Kwamboka’s alleged actions have obstructed his efforts. The accusations suggest that she, along with accomplices, set up fake companies to receive funds from the county, contributing to the surge in inflated legal bills. A task force appointed by Governor Sakaja to investigate the inflated bills found that most of the claims were exaggerated, confirming only a fraction of the claimed amount as legitimate legal expenses. Furthermore, Kwamboka is accused of orchestrating tribalism within her office and showing favoritism towards individuals from her community. This alleged behavior extended to the appointment of employees in her office, which raised concerns about compliance with constitutional and ethical standards. Kwamboka’s contract lapsed in December 2022, but she continued to hold onto her position during the transitional period. She is suspected of attempting to orchestrate her return by spreading false claims of corruption and incompetence against the current administration. Her ties to individuals within the judiciary, such as Anne Amadi and Solicitor General Shadrack Mose, have also raised suspicions. Despite facing impeachment from the County Assembly on grounds including nepotism, incompetence, and fraudulent conflict of interest, Kwamboka has reportedly made unsuccessful attempts to regain her position through the courts. These actions have led to accusations of abusing the judicial process. The allegations against Kwamboka have cast a shadow over the integrity of the Nairobi County Government and its commitment to fighting corruption. The implications of her alleged involvement in a corruption cartel are severe, undermining efforts to provide essential services to the public and restore accountability. The public’s hope now rests on thorough investigations into these allegations and appropriate actions to hold those responsible accountable.


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