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Sakaja runs successful Dishi na County test


Aug 9, 2023

Nairobi Governor has asserted that the Nairobi County school feeding program “Dishi Na County” is ready for roll out.

Sakaja led a successful Dishi na county test run where 60,000 meals were served at City Hall and in select schools across the county as the program readies for roll out in the beginning of schools third term.

Speaking, Sakaja said that his administration was ready for the program noting that he was all set to ensure that the school feeding program was an astounding success.

“Tumeamua Watoi wadishi, washibe, wasome” (We have decided to have our kisd eat, get satisfied, and learn) Sakaja said ata the test run during which, the county boss put on his apron and took the serving spoon to serve meals to children from schools in the county.

The Nairobi County Executive Committee Member for Health, Wellness and Nutrition Silantoi Suzanne said that the county government is ready to roll at the program which will see all primary school pupils in all public schools in Nairobi enjoy a hot meal courtesy of the county government form third term announcing that the program will begin on 28th August, 2023 when schools re open.

“We’re about to do a thing! 28th August we will be giving our children lunch in public ECDE and primary schools. As a county government we are exited that we shall be taking care of the nutritional well being of our children and that is the greatest driving factor for us to ensure that we participate in molding a healthy generation in our kids in schools today for a healthy population tomorrow,” Silantoi noted

His Works and Mobility CEC counterpart Briam Mulama, who also joined the test drive alongside the governor, said that under the program, the county government will bring to an end the troubles of parents thinking over their children’s lunch time meals while at the same time ensuring that children remain in school.

The Dishi Na County food sampling of the exact meals that will be prepared and served to our pupils is a pointer that we are ready and spearheaded by our boss, H.E Governor Sakaja at City Hall, we have shown to the country that we are ready to take off. The experience was exquisite and the food finger licking,” Mulama said.

Over 250,000 pupils are set to enjoy nutritious, delicious and hot meals from the county government. The Nairobi County acting secretary and Chief Officer in the department of urban development and planning Patrick Analo who is also an advisor to the Governor on lands and planning matters was also present during the exercise.

Nairobi residents have praised the move terming it a game changer and a big relief to parents who are already over burdened by the high cost of living that has hit the country.

“I am sure this is a big relief to Nairobi parents. In the next 10 years Nairobi will be at a level never experienced in the Nation,” said Olwal Olwal, a Nairobi resident who was elated by the move by the governor.

Nairobi based communications strategist Kenn Okaka lauded the Dishi na County program terming it a game changer to the urban society in specifically Nairobi’s informal settlements where the levels of education will ow be bolstered by the initiative by the Governor.

“I want to thank Governor Sakaja for the Dishi na County program which to me as a person who is born and raised up in Eastlands, I thing this will be a total game changer in the education sector,” Okaka said.

“I understand the hardships that we went through as children in primary school in Nairobi and I know for a fact that by giving that sense of food security to children, academic performance will be improved and parents will have lesser issues to worry about since the children have already eaten lunch. By extension, this initiative will not only positively affect learning in schools but also the mental health of both the kids and children so I think by this, the Governor is dealing with the social, economic and health factors in society. It is a very great program and I can’t wait to see it rolled out,” Okaka added.

The 10 model kitchens being constructed for the school feeding program are 90 per cent complete and the contractors are ready to hand over the kitchens that will see meals delivered to the over 250,000 children in public schools as was promised during the launch that was presided over by President William Ruto in Roysambu Constituency.


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